Sunday, January 17, 2010


Conjure (Kip Hanrahan) - Cab Calloway Stands in for the Moon (1987)

01. The Author Reflects On His 35th Birthday
02. Loup Garou Means Change Into
03. 'Sputin
04. Nobody Was There
05. Medley: General Science / Ish / Papa La Bas
06. Running For The Office Of Love (Prelude)
07. My Brothers
08. Running For The Office Of Love
09. Petit Kid Everett
10. St. Louis Women (Excerpts)
11. Bitter Chocklate
12. Beware: Don't Listen To This Song
13. Minnie The Moocher

The second release from the rotating ensemble under Kip Hanrahan's direction, Conjure once again unites author Ishmael Reed's trenchant and sometimes hallucinatory words with a wide range of musical styles. Among the large and varied cast one finds musicians as diverse as erstwhile soul stylist Bobby Womack, Meters guitarist Leo Nocentelli, and avant trumpeter Olu Dara. As on the first album, the song structures are essentially blues- and pop-based, ably supported by both a contingent of extraordinary Latin percussionists and the gorgeous electric bass work of Steve Swallow. On the whole, the compositions aren't quite as striking this time out, but there are a couple that really stand out: Allen Toussaint's "Running for the Office of Love" with a ravishing vocal by Clare Bathe is easily imaginable as a fine pop hit, and Carmen Moore's "Bitter Chocklate" is indeed both bitter and beautiful. If this release doesn't quite possess the crackle of its predecessor, it remains a funky and enjoyable session, well worth hearing by fans of almost any genre. (allmusic review)



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